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Resources for Technical Angular Measurement

Angular Measurement and Localization

Technical Papers

Check out the papers and resources below to learn more about our Accu-Arc technology and how it supports key industries and applications like yours.

Modern High Performance Angle Measuring Systems Based on Monolithic Optics

We describe modern angle measuring systems based on monolithic optics and modern information theory. These systems have a large field of view, no moving parts, small size, low weight, and the lowest possible costs in high volume applications. In addition, the accuracy and precision of these angle measuring systems can be on the order of arcseconds or microradians. We describe these systems as well as their application to six degrees of freedom localization and angular velocity estimation.

Ultra-Precision Angle Measurement Sensors with Optimized Size, Weight, and Power

Ultra-precision angle measurement sensors have been developed for a number of high-performance commercial, industrial, and military applications. The sensors are designed to answer the questions “where am I?” or “where is that?” in indoor and outdoor environments. These angle measurement sensors are composed of ultra-precision optical modules, specialized coding masks, analog optical detectors, and digital processing. We call the general technology “angle coding” using Accu-Arc sensors.

Modern Angle Measurement Sensors with Classical Comparisons

Accu-Arc sensors are a new class of low-cost, high-speed, and ultra-precise angle sensors. These sensors have no moving parts and angular precision is directly related to SNR:

1. No moving parts results in very low cost with the ability to accurately and precisely measure very small angular motion.

2. Angular precision being related to SNR results in numerous configurations that can enable applications requiring extremely high precision, such as 0.1 arcsecond (0.5 microradians) or better.

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