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Achieve High-Speed, Ultra-Precise Closed-Loop Control

Real-time Sub-MM Localization For Virtual Reality, Laser Rangefinders, GPS Positioning, and More

Ascentia angle measurement systems help you reach angular precision ideally suited to your application. From microradian precision to kHz update rates, this technology comes in a compact form factor with no moving parts.

Accu-Arc sensors rely on optical technologies, not moving parts, to deliver linear angular precision:

  • Directly related to signal-to-noise levels
  • Rugged with no moving parts 
Talk to us about optimizing the accuracy of your system. 
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Angular Measurement Applications


Industrial + Commercial

Enables High Throughput with Large Volume Metrology
  • Distance Measurement

  • CMM Measurement

  • Dynamic Tracking Systems

  • 3D Laser Scanners

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM), IoT, and Facility Management

  • Indoor Mapping

  • Construction Resource Localization

  • Heavy Agricultural Equipment

  • GPS Precision Instruments


Aerospace + Defense

Withstands Harsh Environments: Vibration, Shock, Dust, Water
  • Spatial Positioning

  • Localization of Distant Targets

  • Laser Rangefinders


Augmented Reality + Virtual Reality

Ensures a Smooth User Experience
  • AR/VR Devices

  • Handheld Instruments

  • Consumer Electronics

Where is Ascentia the right fit?


Sub-millimeter localization of the tool in real time (where am I?). Real-time localization and orientation information to steer the tool or record location vs time.


Long-range cm or mm precise localization to replace GPS (where am I?)  indoors or where GPS satellites could be obstructed.


Short and long-range real-time localization and orientation and object avoidance (where am I? and where is that?). Closed course operator-less applications.

Explore licensing or OEM options for your application.