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Give Your Positioning Systems a Competitive Edge

Precision Angular Measurement Systems to Help You Innovate, Compete, and Elevate Performance

The Peak of Precision Angle Measurement

Achieve Ultra-Precise Sensing with Patented Optical Technology

Ascentia Imaging's angle measurement technology improves the performance of systems that demand ultra-precise angle, range, and motion measurements like positioning systems, hand-held smart tools, industrial tracking systems, and much more.

♦  Wide FOV +/- 20 Degrees

  NIR Wavelengths 

♦  High Update Rate

♦  Multiple Simultaneous Targets 

 No Moving Parts 

  Lowest Cost in High Volume

Where am I? Where is that?

For specialized localization applications that need to clearly define relative or absolute location and orientation of high value objects, Ascentia's enabling technology delivers a competitive edge.


Ultra-Precision Angle Measurement Sensors with Optimized Size, Weight and Power

Ultra-precision angle measurement sensors have been developed for a number of high-performance commercial, industrial and military applications. The sensors are designed to answer the questions “where am I?” or “where is that?” in indoor and outdoor environments. These angle measurement sensors are composed of ultra-precision optical modules, specialized coding masks, analog optical detectors, and digital processing. 

Define Your Place

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