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Dr. Edward Dowski, President, is the co-inventor of Wavefront Coding®, one of the first examples of what is now called Computational Imaging. Dr. Dowski was the COO of CDM Optics, Inc. CDM commercialized his invention as a way to greatly increase the depth-of-field and reduce the effect of tolerances in optical systems. In 2005, CDM was sold to Omnivision Technologies, Inc. Dr. Dowski worked for Omnivision as President of CDM Optics, Inc. until 2010.

Dr. Gregory Johnson, Executive President and Chief Technical Officer, was CTO of CDM Optics. At CDM he was responsible for R&D, electronics and signal processing aspects of Wavefront Coding® systems. In addition he was responsible for the company’s IP portfolio. After the acquisition, he became responsible for Omnivision’s worldwide IP portfolio.

Dr. R. C. Mercure is Chairman of Ascentia Imaging and was the CEO of CDM Optics. He has more than 58 years of high-tech management experience. He co-founded Ball Brothers Research Corporation in 1956, which is now Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corporation. He also was a co-founder of Colorado Venture Management, Inc., one of the earliest venture management firms in Colorado.

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